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The Illusion of Free Will: Reflections Based on Self-experience

Among all the illusions that we human beings suffer from, I believe that the illusion of us possessing free will is the most pervasive and yet inconspicuous. The concept of “free will...

In Philosophy, Oct 10, 2021

Three Contradictions at the Heart of Political Islam: Muslim World and the Taliban in Perspective

The sudden and tragic turn of events in Afghanistan has once again brought Political Islam (that too one of its most virulent variants) under the world’s urgent attention. Twenty year...

In InternationalAffairs, Religion, Aug 18, 2021

Religion and Science in the 21st Century: The Differences and the Meeting Ground of Advaita Vedanta

Religion and Science, often these two words, when they appear together, invoke a feeling of being absolutely contradictory to each other. This is mainly because most of our learning s...

In Religion, Culture, Others, Aug 08, 2021

The Most Socially-Challenged Smart Minds: Pitfalls of Studying Engineering

In India, the road to securing admission to a top engineering college goes through entrance examinations that are designed to test one’s aptitude in various subjects. The nature of th...

In Others, Jul 10, 2021

Why I have Mostly Stopped Reading Op-eds?

कौन-सी बात कहाँ, कैसे कही जाती है

In Others, Jun 30, 2021

On Vegetarianism, Religion, and Morality

It is interesting that though one’s choice of food should only be based on preference, habit, and environment, religion (especially in the Indian Subcontinent) has always taken a keen...

In Religion, Culture, Philosophy, Jun 29, 2021

Some Topics Discussed in My Book Founding Generations

In case you have still not grabbed a copy of my book Founding Generations for your next read, here are a few topics from the founding eras of Indian and American Democracies that have...

In Others, Jun 07, 2021

Easter Eggs 🥚🥚🥚🥚 Hidden in the Book's Cover

One of my favorite memories about publishing the book has been to work with the amazingly talented illustrator Reshma Shinde on the book’s cover. Besides the fact that the cover denot...

In Others, May 18, 2021

Cruising Sans Course Correction: Covid, Caesar, and Catastrophe

Earlier this year, I went on one of my yearly pilgrimages to the Rajaji National Park, an absolutely beautiful getaway near my home and heaven for birdwatchers in the winters. Unlike ...

In Politics, May 08, 2021

Two More Casualties of COVID-19 in India: Morality and Scientific Temper

Two of the lasting (at least most of us thought in our childhood they were lasting) legacies of the Indian founding fathers were the introduction of moral leadership and scientific te...

In Politics, History, Apr 15, 2021

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